Heart Healthy Eating

Heart Healthy Kitchen Plan- Rice and Beans

- Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds

- Fruit and Vegetables

- Herbs, Spices, Seasonings

- Fun and Cheap, Quick and Easy

- Energy and Fitness

- Weight Loss and Lean Muscle



Millions want to eat healthy
but don’t know how!

These seven projects make heart healthy eating
fun, quick, easy and happy!

1-Healthy Kitchen

2-Healthy Breakfast

3-Healthy Dinners

4-Healthy Breads

5-Healthy Protein

6-Healthy Refrigerator

7-Healthy Sweets

Heart Healthy Cooking by Teré Foster

-Each project stands alone.

-See individual projects in left sidebar.

-Each project includes:

  • a PDF of heart-healthy recipes,
  • cooking videos by Teré Foster.
  • healthy shopping lists
  • cheap sources of whole foods

-A live skype workshop is included when you get the set of all seven projects.

-Go at your own pace.

-Use our healthy shopping lists to order non-GMO, organic whole foods such as:

  • -Rice and beans.
  • -Whole Grains.
  • -Nuts and Seeds
  • -Dried Fruits and Vegetables
  • -Herbs, Spices and Seasonings

Get Started Today!

Each digital cookbook includes a healthy shopping list and a playlist of cooking videos!
Save a tree!  Go digital. Order now.

Seven Steps to a Heart Healthy Diet

-Seven Projects

-Seven Video Playlists

-Seven eCookbooks


-Order one or more of our eCookbooks

-Watch the corresponding videos.

-Print the project pages you want to work on.

-Order the corresponding bulk foods.

-Start cooking!

-If you purchase the set of seven, go ahead and schedule a live online skype workshop with Teré Foster.

-Invite your family and friends to join the workshop for one low price!


Heart Healthy Cooking by

Teré Foster


We choose whole foods that spring from the ground. Every plant on earth brings amazing health and healing.

-rice and beans

-whole grains, nuts and seeds

-fruit and vegetables

-herbs, spices and seasonings

Our seven projects will assist your journey towards a healthier diet whether you plan to be a strict vegan vegetarian with no animal products at all or simply hope to eliminate meat from a few meals a week.

Our specialty is cooking with whole grains and legumes. Combine what you learn here with recipes from other wonderful websites to create a fun, cheap, healthy menu!

We include fish at least once a week. We have included animal products such as cheese for meals like pizza or enchiladas and eggs for recipes like quiche. Strict vegans will choose replacements for these animal products.

Each Project provides a list of foods, containers and appliances that you will need.


Project 1 -Healthy Kitchen

Healthy Food Storage OrganizationNever buy processed foods again! Get set up for cooking Healthy Meals for the Week by collecting whole foods, organizing them in labeled containers in a Baker’s Rack and finding all the kitchen appliances necessary to process your own whole foods.

Don’t have enough space to organize all the whole food items you want in your kitchen? No problem! Set up a Baker’s Rack. We adjusted one shelf to be counter height and adjusted the top shelf high enough for a cantilever shelf for spices and seasoning. This turns sturdy industrial shelving into a quaint and homey Baker’s Rack!

Starting at under $100

White Shelving at GetOrganized.com – starting at $120

Home Depot
Chrome Wire Shelving with anti-microbial surface at Global Industrial Supply. – starting at $100

More kitchen supplies:
Kitchen Storage at GetOrganized.com

Sur la Table – Find cookware, bakeware and more.

When you use these merchant links it supports MyWholeFoodsKitchen. Thanks!



Ball� 21-qt. Canner Kit

JarStore.com – Find a variety of jar styles.


Project 2 – Healthy Breakfast

dried-carrots Quick Mix Powders

We use milk power, butter powder, egg powder, cheese powder and other powders from Augason Farms for making Quick Mixes in My Whole Foods Kitchen.


Freeze Dried Fruitsfreeze_dried_whole_raspberry_650px_6

Find fruit to your homemade yogurt, your homemade granola and your homemade whole grain crepes at TheReadyStore.com.


Bagging Accessories food-storage-mylar-bag

Mylar Bags and Oxygen Packets

Make your own mixes and bag them for later.



Project 3 – Healthy Dinners

basic-vegetable-starterVegetables, Freeze Dried

Go ahead and snack on nutritious, crunchy freeze dried vegetables. It won’t spoil your dinner… it will BE your dinner!

Add them to your trail mix for a complete meal with all of the food groups. Add them to your dinner recipes for quick yet powerful nutrition.


spicesOils, Vinegars and Spices

Transform bland foods into a delight to the senses.

Gourmet Food World offers a variety of oils, vinegars and spices.

Cost Plus World Market International Foods keeps a generous variety of exciting sauces, spreads and seasonings from around the world.


Project 4 – Healthy Breads

wheat-kernels-hard-organic-25-poundsWhole Grains

Find whole grains such as wheat, quinoa, brown rice, basmati rice, oat groats and more. Grind them yourself for the highest quality breads possible. We suggest having six grains in your collection to make Ezekiel bread and other grain recipes.

Suggested Grains: Hard Wheat, Quinoa, Oats, Millet (polenta), Barley and Spelt.


grinderWheat Grinder

Grind wheat fresh for whole grain bread making with the Kitchen Mill from Blendtec. Under $120

Wheat-Grinder-228x228Hand Grinder – Under $65

Continue to grind wheat for fresh bread even when the power is out.



kneaderMixers with Dough Kneading Arm

Planning on making a lot of bread?

Look at these industrial sized mixers with 2-gallon bowls starting at under $650!kneader 2

A 2-gallon bowl allows you to make six loaves at a time.

A loaf-sized ball of dough makes a pizza crust, a sub-sandwich bun or a batch of pitas.

Global Industrial – Lots of appliances at everyday low prices.



Project 5 – Healthy Protein

Whole FoodsRice and Legumes

We use rice and beans as the basis of our Mega-Meat Recipe and many of our Healthy Dinner recipes. We suggest collecting six beans for the greatest variety.

Suggested Beans: Black, Red, White, Pinto, Garbanzo and Lentils

chicken roostRaise your own organic eggs!

This chicken roost mounts on the side of the house, fence or shed. We think chickens are just as fun as dogs and cats and a lot more fruitful! If each chicken lays one egg a day, how many will your family need? Most families buy a dozen eggs a week. That means just two chickens will keep you in more than enough eggs. Call them “pets” and you won’t be breaking any city codes.

Project 6 – Healthy Refrigerator

ZHPL838SM_thTurn your refrigerator into a salad bar full of fresh things to add to your salad!

Maybe even learn to grow your own!



cabbageGrow you own with heirloom seeds.

Garden Seeds

Garden Starters

Pots and Planters


sprouts Sprout Accessories

Ounces of sprouts is equivalent to pounds of vegetables!



raw-samplerRaw Drinks

Collect a variety of raw drinks to replace soda and other sugary drinks.




new age gardenNew Age Garden

2′ x 4′ raised bed. Put it just about anywhere and start growing your own food today!

Home Depot - under $40 – search term “new age garden”. Sold only online. Free shipping.




freezerExtra Freezer Space

starting under $300.

When you grow your own vegetables you are often flooded with more than you can possibly eat. A chest freeze is one option to keep your produce fresh until you need it.




generatorPortable Electricity

5 cubic feet of space starting at under $300.
Whether you want to create a soup kitchen for the hungry or back up your home when the lights go out, a portable generator is a wise idea.

Project 7 – Healthy Sweets

sugar-free-sweetenersSaturday Sweets… a Sweet Compromise

Honey Powder

Whipped Topping Powder

Honey Cornbread Mix

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