7 Healthy Cooking Workshops

Heart Healthy Cooking Classes

1-Healthy Kitchen

2-Healthy Breakfast

3-Healthy Dinners

4-Healthy Breads

5-Healthy Protein

6-Healthy Sweets

7-Healthy Lifestyle

7 Heart Healthy Cooking Projects – $94

Never eat processed food again!
Take our Cooking Course!

Millions want to eat healthy
but don’t know how!

These seven projects make heart healthy eating
fun, quick, easy and happy!

Heart Healthy Kitchen Plan- Rice and Beans

- Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds

- Fruit and Vegetables

- Herbs, Spices, Seasonings

- Fun and Cheap, Quick and Easy

- High Energy and Fitness

- Weight Loss and Lean Muscle



Heart Healthy Cooking by Teré Foster

-Learn the system that has changed the lives of so many.

-Go at your own pace, our coaches will guide you.

-Each project stands alone.

-See individual projects in left sidebar.

-Each project includes:

  • a PDF of heart-healthy recipes,
  • cooking videos by Teré Foster.
  • healthy shopping lists
  • cheap sources of whole foods

-A live skype workshop is included when you get the set of all seven projects.

-Go at your own pace.

-Use our healthy shopping lists to order non-GMO, organic whole foods such as:

  • -Rice and beans.
  • -Whole Grains.
  • -Nuts and Seeds
  • -Dried Fruits and Vegetables
  • -Herbs, Spices and Seasonings

Get Started Today!

Each digital cookbook includes a healthy shopping list and a playlist of cooking videos!
Save a tree!  Go digital. Order now.

Seven Steps to a Heart Healthy Diet

-Seven Projects

-Seven Video Playlists

-Seven eCookbooks


-Order one or more of our eCookbooks

-Watch the corresponding videos.

-Print the project pages you want to work on.

-Order the corresponding bulk foods.

-Start cooking!

-If you purchase the set of seven projects, go ahead and schedule a live online skype workshop with Teré Foster.

-Invite your family and friends to join the workshop for one low price!



Heart Healthy Cooking by

Teré Foster


A heart healthy diet is good for every part of your body, of course! It’s the same diet that reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer. We choose whole foods that spring from the ground. Every plant on earth brings amazing health and healing. Every plant is a superfood! Learn to cook your meals with these superfoods and you will gain energy, lose weight, reduce your food bill and prevent diet-related diseases.

-rice and beans

-whole grains, nuts and seeds

-fruit and vegetables

-herbs, spices and seasonings

Healthy KitchenClick on the cover of each digital Heart Healthy Cookbook below to find:

-a full description,

-ordering details

-a playlist of cooking videos

-healthy shopping lists

-sources of cheap healthy whole foods

-healthy meals for the week

-recipes and short cuts

Healthy Protein



Our seven projects will assist your journey towards a healthier diet whether you plan to be a strict vegan vegetarian with no animal products at all or simply hope to eliminate meat from a few meals a week.Our specialty is cooking with whole grains and legumes. Combine what you learn here with recipes from other wonderful websites to create a fun, cheap, healthy menu!

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