End Animal Cruelty

We apologize in advance for posting such a horrific expose, but how else will we as a society be reined back in and re-evaluate our eating habits and the negative impact we have on ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us?
Until now, I never agreed that eating meat was "bad", but I cannot participate in the meat and dairy industry as it is right now.  For thousands of years we have lived in harmony with farm animals.  The killing of the "fatted calf" was only done for occasional celebrations. "We'll kill the ol' red rooster when she comes..."  depicts the custom of eating meat when you have special visitors.  But now the raising of animals is no longer the average person's privilege unless they live far outside city limits. The job of killing the fatted calf has fallen to those individuals who would be willing to do such a job full-time.
Raising thousands of animals at a time and killing them all day long, every day would obviously not be a job for a normal individual.  But as the consumer, we don't witness the slaughtering process, and it is so far removed from us and our daily lifestyle, that our appetite for meat has become unbridled. Most Americans have accepted that a "good meal" starts with a choice piece of meat, and then builds out from there.
I posted theses videos to bring this process closer to home, but they are hard to watch without stirring a new appraisal of the meat and dairy industry and our own eating habits that have resulted.  Because meat is so available, we eat more and more of it.  Because we eat more and more of it, the demand has forced the industry to grow into a monster that no one in their right mind would condone.  Awareness is the only answer.  So please watch and become aware.

Please be careful to watch these graphic videos when there are no children present.