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1) free ebook!

Seven Steps to a Better Diet!
This overview helps you to see the beauty of the plan.


2) free videos!

Seven Playlists


3) free coaching session!


Our One-Time Free Health Coaching Session Can Help You Reach
Your Personal and/or Professional Health Goals!



We hope these tools will inspire you to:

a) take the course
b) or hire our Personal Chef Services.



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for Your Free Health Coaching Session

We set aside time each day for 20-minute free coaching session s between 12 to 2 pm CST, Monday through Friday. We hope to provide you this valuable session on your lunch hour or late at night after the children have gone to sleep. Call or text the best time for your complimentary session.

We will help you set personal and professional health goals.
Sessions are between 20-30 minutes.
We will call you to set up a time that works with your schedule.


Coaching can help you:

-Elevate your energy and motivation to change your diet.

-Our coaches take you through seven steps.

-This free session will start the process by setting goals and making a plan.

-Progress at your own pace.

-Stay within your existing food budget.

-Start with your highest priority at this time.


You may set up a time slot for a weekly session by calling 435-817-0890.

A free coaching session may be the answer to reaching your goals and staying with a long-term healthy lifestyle. We all need help at various times of our lives to overcome hurdles and conquer challenges. You may have to re-learn much of what has been taught to you about eating, cooking and shopping.


A Healthy Hhealthy hearteart

It takes time and commitment to turn things around. However the measurable results of health and well-being you will achieve with this program goes far beyond the weight you will lose.  You will also gain energy, vitality and get rid of that heavy, depression that comes with an unhealthy heart.

Your heart is so much more than a pump that moves your blood. The heart also manages all the feelings and intuition that creates spiritual connection with other hearts and helps us find our way through otherwise impossible challenges by connecting to the voice inside.  Our coaches can help you find that connection. You can’t afford to wait.  Get started today!  The money you save on your food bill will more than cover the cost of your coaching sessions.

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