Journey to Health and Well-Being

by Dale Foster

Since Teré and I were married we believed in having at least a year’s supply of food. Our food storage was intended to sustain us during any type of financial crisis that may reach our home. We bought whole foods (wheat, beans and rice) because of their health benefits but also they were cheap and came in bulk. However, there wasn’t much if any information out there on how to effectively prepare whole foods and rotate it into your daily meal plan so that our food storage would stay fresh.

Fifteen years ago Teré developed an effective plan so that we would have a week’s worth of whole foods prepared easily that even our young sons could help in the preparation. This was a process which involved a lot of trial and error with our family but we also received valuable feedback from others. Over the years, she researched recipes and their nutritional value and designed them to meet our tastes and was incorporated into the food preparation process which drastically reduced meal preparation time during the week. Eventually, we could re-heat or prepare a meal within 20 – 30 minutes. These recipes soon grew into a cookbook and I got into the mix by cutting out recipes out of newspapers and magazines for Teré and discussing how we can use them in our meal plan.

This meal plan has allowed me to keep my weight and cholesterol in check. And with a little more exercise, I have been able to reduce my cholesterol levels which are great news since I have a family history of heart disease! Of course, I have drastically trimmed back my meat intake. I have plenty of energy during the day and feel great. Our food budget has stayed level even though our boys are now young men. We have also incorporated the 7 Levels of Well-Being into our daily lives which help govern the decisions we make individually as well as a family.

Her desire to offer whole foods to our family has exposed us to international recipes, flavors and spices that I would never have tried. She continues to explore new meals to add to the cookbook but also making sure that the highest nutritional whole foods are purchased that not only benefit our family but also the farmers. I am glad that she purchases from those farmers that not only provide the high quality whole foods that we desire but also where our dollars will have the biggest impact in the farmers’ lives and communities. I am very grateful for her passion for whole foods not only for the benefit of our family but to you and to the world.

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