Teré Foster


Teré rhymes with hurray! And that’s what she says when she receives such a positive response to her innovative programs for health and well-being.

Born in 1960, her interest in whole foods started at a very young age as her father, Joseph Gregory, a pastor and health nut, experimented with wheat grass, mung beans, gardening and Jack LaLane’s style of exercising as well as his spiritual gifts of healing and prayer.

Teré and her husband Dale have produced over 100 corresponding videos for each of the projects in the Healthy Meal Plan as they learned together how to give their kitchen a healthy make-over.



Teré is a Well-Being Specialist who believes that well-being is three dimensional:

Teré comes from a powerful perspective of one who has been raised to eat healthy and stay fit.  She states that her every thought is motivated by a constant reach for improvement in her own well-being in body, mind and spirit.  She is a tough coach that has been forced to soften over the years to create healthy compromises as a bridge between herself and those she encounters in her personal and professional life with their various commitment levels to health and well-being. These compromises are her strategies for a diet and lifestyle that can be continued throughout life while maintaining important relationships.





30 Minute Session – $50



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