Vegan Personal Chef Services

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Question: What is the biggest health challenge today?

Answer: Not enough time and money to be healthy!

Solution: A Personal Chef from!


Vegan Core Dishes for the week

The package includes 1 quart of each of the 14 Vegan Core Dishes.

Each meal guaranteed to be between 200 – 500 calories–never more.

With 1/2-cup servings of each dish, our package serves 8 for one week or 4 for two weeks.

Sealed mason jars keep the freshness at its peak for three weeks or more.

Prepared and cooked by a Personal Chef in your own home all at once filling your refrigerator with labeled vegan meals for the week.

A balance pair of dished for each day of the week.

Each night a Personal Chef will HEAT – GARNISH – SERVE!

Vegan Personal Chef – Nightly Services


Or Save $100 when ordering on-going services.


Taste our Vegan Core Dishes at a Vegan Tasting Party

Vegan Core Dishes List


A Personal Chef is another solution we can offer your family.  Using the same menu served at the Vegan Tasting Party, one of our Personal Chefs will cook the 12 Vegan Core Dishes for the week in your own kitchen. Your meals will be cooked, labeled and placed in your refrigerator to be ready for you to serve in under 5 minutes. Each dinner will be heated and served with your preferences and dietary restrictions by a Personal Chef.

We are passionate about getting families eating healthy meals together knowing that common meals promote family well-being.  We train our Personal Chefs to duplicate this simple plan in your own home once a week and you can forget about meal planning, shopping, preparing or cooking. Each is already nutritionally balanced to make a complete plant protein meal. Serve on a bed of fresh spinach or shredded kale and all you have to add are the extras that your non-vegan family members would like such as a dab of sour cream, shredded cheese on top or piece of fish, chicken or lean beef.