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Seven Heart Healthy Cookbooks
Healthy Cooking Course

1-Healthy Kitchen Clean Out

2-Healthy Breakfast

3-Healthy Dinners

4-Healthy Breads

5-Healthy Protein

6-Healthy Desserts

7-Healthy Weight

Never buy processed food again!
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Millions want to eat healthy
but don’t know how!

The Heart Association recommends the same diet that we teach,
a diet centered around whole foods
that spring from the ground.

This same diet not only prevents heart disease,
but cancer, diabetes and countless other diet-related diseases.

These seven projects make healthy eating
fun, quick, easy and happy!

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In each project below you will find:

Healthy Kitchen-a PDF cookbook download

-a playlist of cooking videos

-healthy shopping lists

-sources of cheap healthy whole foods

-healthy meals for the week

-recipes and tips

-food producer’s short-cuts

-planning worksheets


Healthy Breakfast Cookbook3 - Healthy Dinners4-
Healthy Protein

Healthy Desserts Cookbook.

Healthy Weight

Our seven projects will assist you on your journey towards a healthier diet whether you plan to be a strict vegan vegetarian with no animal products at all or simply hope to eliminate meat from a few meals a week.  Our specialty is cooking with whole grains and legumes. If you want to add meat you can always combine what you learn here with recipes from other wonderful websites to create a fun, cheap, healthy menu!


Heart Healthy Kitchen Plan– Rice and Beans

– Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds

– Fruit and Vegetables

– Herbs, Spices, Seasonings

– Fun and Cheap, Quick and Easy

– High Energy and Fitness

– Weight Loss and Lean Muscle



Seven Steps to a Healthy Diet

-Seven Projects

-Seven Video Playlists

-Seven eCookbooks


-Download the FREE ebook.

-Order one or more of our digital cookbooks.

-Watch the corresponding videos.

-Print the project pages you want to work on.

-Order the corresponding bulk foods.

-Start cooking!



Heart Healthy Cookbooks

by Teré Foster


Our Healthy Cooking Course is broken down into seven projects that we suggest you complete over a seven week period.  These are permanent changes that are made to your kitchen, your shopping lists and your meals for the week.  Each project is supported by a cookbook and several cooking videos that you can watch with your family to help get everyone in the household on board with the new lifestyle changes.

Start by making simple dietary changes that will reduce the cholesterol that causes strain on the heart.  The benefits of these changes are many.  An increased energy level may be the most exciting benefit that will help to jump-start your weight loss.  Losing excess weight also reduces the strain on your heart due to the fact that for every pound of fat there is an additional mile added to the journey that your blood has to make before getting back to the heart.

Changes like these may be difficult as it “disrupts” the old habits and traditions that may not be serving us well in terms of our health and well-being, however the long-term results are well worth it as we realize that we are setting in motion habits and traditions that will be handed down for generation to come.

We base our diet choices around whole foods that spring from the ground because every plant on earth that produces food brings amazing health and healing to the body. All plant foods are super-foods! Learn to cook your meals with these super-foods and you will gain energy, lose weight, reduce your food bill and prevent diet-related diseases. The best choice for a “heart healthy” diet is a diet of plant foods and of course if it is good for your heart it is good for every cell of your body! A diet of plant foods reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Healthy Kitchen Plan

Healthy Kitchen Professionals

MyWholeFoods Kitchen.com Heart-Healthy Kitchen PlanWe re-organize your kitchen for a healthier, more efficient and more economical way of living.

Millions of Americans have already decided to transition to a better diet but don’t have time to learn how.

Do you have a shortage of time or money?

Healthy Kitchen Professionals customize our services to fit your unique situation.

1) If you have time, energy and money…

We can teach you how to set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your own home, make your own quick mixes that only require water.  We have over 100 videos online demonstrating how to use whole foods to make meals that your family will love.  We have online workshops to make it easy for you!  We ship you the food and containers and away you go!

2) If you have money, but no time…

We can set up My Whole Foods Kitchen in your home for you.  We will set up your kitchen with hand made quick mixes that only require water!  We will ship the food and containers to your home and be there to prepare the space, unpack the boxes and organize your kitchen for you.


3) If you have money, but no time or energy…

To continue your healthy progress you may want to hire one of our Healthy Kitchen Professionals from My Whole Foods Kitchen to prepare your meals for the week or even come daily.


4) If you have time and want to earn money…

We can teach you how to become a healthy kitchen professional and assist those in your local area set up My Whole Foods Kitchen to start a new life of whole food meals that their families will love!  We offer an online program that will equip you to be a Healthy Kitchen Professional and represent My Whole Foods Kitchen.

Healthy Kitchen Plan

Healthy Kitchen Plan

Healthy Food Storage OrganizationMy goal is to cook from scratch, but realistically I am too busy. I don’t have time to start from scratch with every meal. I am committed to cooking from scratch, but want to eliminate as many steps as possible. This will make time for other important things in my day. For this reason I developed several dry mixes that require nothing but water to make a nutritious meal in minutes. They are easy enough for even a beginning cook or a child to use without help. My husband and children use these mixes every day, leaving me free to do other things. You will find a system of dry mixes in the next chapter, but first we have to gather and organize the necessary ingredients.

After experimenting and designing recipes for dry mixes, I purchased all the dried ingredients for each. I put each ingredient into small, consistent sized containers so that they could fit in my small kitchen. This eliminated the unorganized mess of bags and baggies that accumulated as I bought whole foods in their original packaging. Putting them in one rack made the system so much more efficient. I searched for powdered forms of each liquid ingredient that I normally bake with. I found egg powder, honey powder, milk powder, butter powder, etc. I labeled each container with easy preparation instructions so that my family could use them without my help.

I grouped each ingredient into sections so that everyone in the family could easily find what they wanted. I arranged foods at eye level for my children that I hope they will snack on including dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and some homemade snacks such as granola bars and trail mix. Then I mixed up many dry mixes and put them into labeled containers and grouped them in the ”Breakfast Bin” and the “Dinner Bin”. Now cooking from scratch is efficient and fast. Just “having” the food wasn’t enough. Labeling and grouping the food was better, but not quite usable. Mixing up dry mixes ahead made it do-able. The final step that pulled it all together was to put the labeled containers in bins in a Baker’s Rack which made cooking from scratch sustainable. The rack puts a year’s supply at my fingertips in a four-foot by two-foot space.

The rack has adjustable shelves so I placed one of the shelves at counter-height for the extra appliances that I have no room for in my kitchen. This gave me four added feet of counter-top! I put the electric grinder, my hand blender and the electric dough kneader/mixer on this counter and keep them plugged in.

If everyone had the same set up, we would know exactly where to go in our homes and know exactly what to cook. This would be a great advantage if one of us were ill and the other could come in and take care of the family. Another advantage would be if we gathered in an intentional community, we could coordinate meals. Finally, if we were to evacuate, we could easily disassemble the rack, put the containers into bins and put the whole thing in the car. When we get to our destination, setting up the kitchen would be very efficient.


A few years ago I had many symptoms that were seemingly unrelated such as an ear ache, athlete’s foot and cold sores. I found that they were all symptoms of an overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach called candida. I became so ill that I was making plans with my husband, both of us in tears, about who would take care of my children. We thought I must be dying. I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t lift my arms. I couldn’t live my life!

I finally developed such terrible neck pain that I went to see my chiropractor. He told me to stop all sugar for three weeks or more. But sugar is in everything! In order to do this I had to completely stop all store-bought processed foods; everything in a box, bag or can.

The little candida organisms crave sugar, which is their life source. Any form of sugar will do; any sweetener, any carbohydrate. So I kept craving the wrong foods because that’s what they were begging for.

I researched it on the internet and found that a large number of people in America have candida without recognizing it. I had been treating all the little symptoms without understanding the nature of candida. It is a colony of life-sapping organisms that made me tired and depressed by attacking every bodily system.

I realized I had to starve them out before they actually sapped me of my life! Thus My Whole Foods Kitchen was born. My cookbook offers more than just recipes, but a lifestyle. In this lifestyle I voluntarily took steps toward self-reliance by learning to produce my family’s needs. I learned to set up my kitchen to be a place of creative productivity instead of den of obesity. I adopted a rotating weekly menu of meals that meet our nutritional needs instead of breaking our bodies down with foods that cause malfunction of the bodily systems.

I have found that the best way to avoid junk food is to have none in my house. As soon as I leave the house I am surrounded with all the foods I am trying to avoid, so I make my home a “safe haven” where these foods will not bombard my loved ones with impulses that work against their health and well being. Because I am the shopper for the family, I hold a grave responsibility to guide the family wisely in the foods that they have to choose from.

I can’t allow our menu choices to be driven by our cravings for sugar or salt. Feeding our craving for sugar is actually “feeding” the living organisms of bacteria that are wreaking havoc on our health. I teach my children these concepts and hope that they make good choices when they are outside my home, but inside my home, they will only find whole foods that improve their health instead of processed foods that will break it down. Teach these concepts to your children to end the epidemic of obesity and diet-related diseases in their lifetime.

Back in the old days people would take caster oil by the spoonful and it was terrible tasting stuff. Mary Poppins said “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Well today they put it in gel capsules and solved the taste problem. Undecylenic Acid is derived from the castor bean and kills the Candida bacteria without killing your own immune system of bacteria. I have also seen it spelled Undecenoic Acid.

Acidophilus will build up your good bacteria at the same time by eating yogurt.

I have learned from experience that taking these supplements without changing my diet is an exercise in futility. It’s like trying to clean a pool while someone is pouring sewage into it. It doesn’t work. However, when I try to make the dietary changes without taking the supplements I lose the battle as well.  Because my body screams for the salt and sugar that will feed my mortal enemies who are attacking every bodily system from the inside out, I am tricked into eating the wrong foods again and again by believing the promises that flood my brain that I will feel better as soon as I eat that salty pile of twisty fried potatoes or that granola bar topped with peanut butter frosting. Even when my greens are prepared and ready to eat in my refrigerator, when candida has taken control I can’t make myself eat them. My mind is repulsed by the green leafy vegetables that will make me strong.

I have to fortify myself with more knowledge about my enemy, this bacteria that seeks to infiltrate every bodily system and take me down with endless little unrelated ailments that keep me from being happy and productive. It may not be the salt that I truly crave, but the potatoes that instantly turn into sugar after I eat it.

The only answer is to give my kitchen a healthy make-over and make sure that I am surrounded by foods that will strengthen and heal.  At least when I am home I will be safe from the constant barrage of temptations.