Sitting Disease

I have recently discovered that excessive sitting causes the body to break down.  Scientists are naming it “sitting disease.”  Everyone is sitting for eight hours a day or more causing illness to skyrocket, depression to soar and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease to progress.

When you walk the muscles in your legs squeeze the blood from your feet back to the heart.  When you sit or stand in place the blood has a difficult time getting back to the heart. This puts a constant strain on the heart. The blood may make it halfway up the legs instead of flowing through the lungs where it receives oxygen to deliver to every cell in the body with the next beat of the heart.  Without oxygen the cells become weak and begin to break down. The only remedy for sitting disease is to stand up and walk around.

Those who sit most of the day have about the same risk for heart disease as people who smoke.

Going to the gym once a week will not reverse sitting disease.

Global studies show that most of us sit over seven hours a day and in some cases people sit form up to 15 hours a day.

While I was building this website and trying to do my part to prevent heart disease by creating meals for the week and an efficient cooking plan I found myself sitting at the computer for more than 18 hours a day!  My passion for health was driving me yet I saw my own health going down the tubes.  It took me two years to develop this digital program and the websites to promote it and I learned first hand that sitting down can kill you faster than any other bad habit.  My legs turned to jelly and I had trouble even walking up the front steps to my house!  I wasn’t doing my usual gardening and bread-making and cooking and cleaning because I was so focused on getting this plan to you, my customer.

I have lived two contrasting lifestyles. One, a fully active lifestyle of gardening, bread-making, cooking and chasing children around followed by two years of intense concentration at the computer, excited and driven, yet sedentary.   I can absolutely agree that sitting is the worst thing you can do for your health and well being. I became weak and unmotivated, tired and depressed. I felt little flutters in my heart. I lost the tone in my muscles from head to toe. And worst of all I couldn’t find the energy to do something about it! Thank God I have a husband with the strength and fortitude to find a quick remedy.  He pushed me to get a job at our local grocery store which required me to be on my feet for eight hours a day.  Within six months I was back to my normal energy levels and seeing the tone come back to my muscles.

I am now more committed than ever to the seven heart healthy cooking projects that I teach because these projects keeps you moving, walking, standing, bending, kneading and cooking. Being a producer instead of “the consumer” means that you are never sedentary. You are active and productive living a healthy lifestyle!


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